Welcome to Savvy!

Savvy: A Marketplace For Patient Insights 

Companies and researchers need to understand the patient experience, so Savvy makes it easy for patients to share their stories and insights -- and get paid to do so! We act kind of like a job board, but with other cool features. You'll want to create an account so you are notified when new Gigs arise so you can share your insights and earn cash! You're so savvy!

How Does Savvy Work As A Co-op? 

We know this co-op thing can be confusing, but we promise you, it's because we love you and other patients so much. As a co-op, patients like you who use our site can become the owners of the organization - which means you have a say in what we do and get a chunk of our profits, seriously. The profits we make go back to patients. How cool is that. Check out the video below, but you can read more about co-op membership here. 

The Story Behind Savvy Cooperative

Why would we create a patient co-op and give our profits back to patients? Well, because we are patients too. We have been asked to share our experiences for free for decades while others turn a profit. We knew whatever we did, we wanted the patients to be the winners. And we know we as patients will be more powerful if we ban together to create a patient union and make sure that patients are treated fairly. We hope you'll join us!

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