**CLOSED** Photoshoot for Cancer

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This project was inspired by a dear friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and recently passed. She was a very glamorous woman who took immense pride in her hair. When she started to lose it due to treatment, she was absolutely devastated, but at the same time was never any less beautiful than she was with hair. I insisted on reminding her that hair is not linked to beauty, despite being a commonly held belief by many women. This is the life experience that drives me to create. I decided I could take a negative in my life and turn it in to a positive.

Everyday women needed for Art Project exploring hair, or lack thereof, as it pertains to female beauty. It sets out to visually prove that if a person is beautiful with hair, the person is equally beautiful without. I decided to start the project to raise awareness and provide inspiration to others. The project seeks to visually illustrate this in the most dramatic way possible by providing a literal side-by-side comparison of the same woman - hair and no hair, showing that the beauty is present on both halves equally and proving that hair does not equal beauty.

The Project: "Beauty is not hair"
Models will be photographed with the ultimate contrasting hair style: 
Exactly one-half of her head will be shaved -- providing the ultimate in contrast and proof of effect -- Hair and No-hair simultaneously.

The resulting work will be created as a limited edition print and coffee table book, being sold/auctioned with all proceeds going to benefit ovarian cancer research. 



  • Women
  • Be 18-55 years old
  • Live in Seattle area


  • Women in Seattle area


  • Photoshoot
  • In person

Receive:  $150

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