Are you going through a shift in your life where you’re experiencing temporary challenges? Opportunity for people living in Detroit, Anchorage/Fairbanks, Honolulu, and Mexico City.

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Situational impairments - or “mismatches” - occur when an environmental, social/cultural or personal factor prevents you from doing a task in your daily life. We’re looking for participants who live in Detroit, Anchorage/Fairbanks, Honolulu, or Mexico City who are currently experiencing a situational impairment that is restricting you from using your digital devices in the ways you would like.

Temporary Situational Impairment Examples:

  • You’re a new parent who is carrying a child in one arm and having difficulty using your phone in another hand.
  • Your long commute prevents you from sending time-sensitive emails.
  • Your smartphone doesn’t recognize your face because you wear gloves, goggles or a face mask.
  • You work outdoors and can’t see your mobile screen because of the glare from the sun or snow.


  • Must have Wifi and/or cellular data on smartphone
  • Must use an iPhone and/or Android smartphone
  • Have a Wifi-enabled laptop or computer with working video camera
  • Screen time / Digital Wellbeing > X hrs
  • Fluent in English, does not need to be primary language


  • Gender mix
  • Ethnicity mix
  • Ages 18 to 75
  • Income range
  • Household size


  • Chronic permanent health impairment
  • Profession - Programmers or software engineers


  • Diary Activities + 30 min video call interviews: 3/23 - 4/17
  • Virtual interviews :
    • Anchorage/Fairbanks, Alaska : 4/20 - 4/24
    • Honolulu, Hawaii: 5/4 - 5/8
    • Detroit, Michigan: 5/6 - 5/12
    • Mexico City, Mexico: 5/18 - 5/22

What is the research trying to achieve?

  • Understand various types of situational / temporary impairments
  • Deeply understand the cause and effect of situational impairment in restricting people from using their digital devices to their full potential.
  • Widen/expand view of accessibility = make it more relatable, shift mindset
  • Explore opportunities and limitations for better products and services
    • Offer some “data” based in the research
  • Expose the “situational impairments”
    • Look for common prevalence vs. breadth
    • What is universal vs. specific/cultural?
  • Identify tools or principles that teams can use
    • Integrate into processes (e.g. inclusion workshop)
    • Actions to take - what could this be? Embed tips into the process
    • Inclusive workshop/serious game

Receive: $140 - $540

Referral reward: $100


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