Interested in sharing your story about why you take Lo Loestrin Fe?

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This gig is looking for women who are currently taking Lo Loestrin Fe for pregnancy prevention and are willing to tell their story in a video that will appear before a national audience. The video shoot will be taking place in late March 2020 in New York City.


  • You have been prescribed Lo Loestrin Fe for pregnancy prevention
    • No off-label uses of the product will be permitted
  • You are comfortable sharing your story on camera
  • You are not a smoker
  • Eligible Participant cannot be a healthcare provider or employee of Allergan. For purposes of this Agreement, “healthcare provider” shall mean any person who has completed a course of study in a field of health or who can prescribe or influence the prescription of treatment interventions such as prescription drugs.
  • Eligible Participant cannot be a beneficiary of any federal or state healthcare program (such as Medicare, Medicaid, or any state-funded healthcare or prescription benefit program).
  • Women with certain health issues may not qualify
  • Body Mass Index <35g/m2
  • Ages 18-34
  • Fluent English speaker, but does not need to be the primary language


  • Video project
  • NYC

Receive: $1500 + travel

Referral reward: $150


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