**CLOSED** Share Your Experience with Mouth Sores as a Cancer patient

by member 107


This is a screener for a survey seeking feedback from cancer patients who experienced mouth sores as a result of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or a combination of the two. If we believe you qualify to take the survey, we will send you a link to the paying survey.


  • Eligible Participant is currently or was previously diagnosed with cancer.
  • Eligible Participant is currently or was previously being treated with chemotherapy, targeted cancer therapy, or some combination of these therapies.
  • Eligible Participant experienced mouth sores while going through treatment.
  • Eligible Participant did not receive radiation
  • Eligible Participant is a US Citizen.
  • Eligible Participant is 18 years or older.


  • 7-10 minute survey
  • Anywhere
  • From Home

Receive: $10


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