**CLOSED** Calling cancer patients and caregivers for a unique opportunity!

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We are working with a design-centered research firm recruiting for a unique project. We are looking for metastatic or early stage breast, multiple myeloma, melanoma, prostate, lung, colorectal, or pediatric cancer patients or family caregivers who can be described as in one of the following parts of their cancer journey: 

1. Have been diagnosed, or told they have cancer, but treatment is indeterminable
2. Have been diagnosed and are awaiting their first round of treatment
3. Are in treatment
4. Have been in remission for less than 6 months

What makes this project so exciting to us is that it doesn’t necessarily focus on the physical side of cancer (medication and diagnoses), but instead focuses on patients’ and caregivers’ mental obstacles in relation to their cancer (e.g. anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, insomnia, chronic or long-lasting fatigue). We’re looking for a diverse group of people of all ages, of different ethnicities, and from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds who are willing to share their experiences. This research entails completing a fun and engaging activity that will be sent to your home followed by a video call with a member of the research team in mid-August. 


  • Diagnosed with a cancer listed above
  • Certain stage of treatment
  • US citizen


  • User-testing
  • Interview
  • Anywhere

Receive: $150


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