**CLOSED** Review Instruction Manual for COPD/Asthma Meds

by member 107


A research firm is conducting interviews and in need of 50 individuals with COPD and Asthma (adults and teens 12-17 years old) in the Waltham/Boston area. You will be asked to review an instruction manual for a new Asthma/COPD attack relief product and simulate its use. You will NOT be asked to take a medication or stop your current treatment.


Qualified COPD participants must:

  •  Diagnosed with COPD
  • Currently prescribed a medication to treat their COPD
  • Ages 40-79 years old

Qualified Asthma participants must:

  •  Diagnosed with Asthma
  • Currently prescribed a medication to treat their Asthma
  • Ages 12-75 years old


  • 50 People with Asthma or COPD


  • In-person
  • Interview
  • 45-60 min
  • Waltham, MA
  • January 2018

Receive:  $150-$250

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