**CLOSED** Transdiagnostic Brain-Behavior Profiling to Enhance Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Response

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Dr. Heide Klumpp (Ph.D.) at The University of Illinois at Chicago is conducting a research study on depression and anxiety in social situations. In this study, we are testing to see what behavior and brain function can tell us about treatment success in depression and/or anxiety using a standard psychotherapy (talk therapy) treatment for depression an anxiety disorders.

The total time that you will be involved in this study is 22 visits. 21 of the 22 visits will occur during a 15-week period. You will also be asked to complete questionnaires at a 6-month follow up visit. You are expected to be in the study for about 38 hours. Volunteers will be compensated for their time. All information you give is confidential.


  • Are 18-65 years old
  • Suffer from depression and/or an anxiety disorder

Exclusion Criteria:   

  • No metal parts in your body
  • No major medical or neurological illness
  • Patients who are currently undergoing psychotherapy (talk therapy) or taking certain medications that affect the brain may not qualify for the study
  • Women should not be pregnant or trying to become pregnant.


  • In-Person
  • Scientific research
  • Chicago
  • Summer 2019

Receive: $600

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