**CLOSED** A Study of Oxygen Cost of Exercise in Patients with and without Heart Failure

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This study is being done to: (1) develop a simple tool to assess breathing muscle performance; (2) measure the oxygen cost of breathing during exercise; (3) measure the respiratory muscle blood flow requirements of hyperpnea during exercise; and (4) to quantify the energy cost of exercise in relation to disease severity.


  • Heart Failure patients with a history of stable idiopathic dilated or ischemic cardiomyopathy (>1 yr, with >/ =1 episode of congestive failure requiring hospitalization)
  • New York Heart Association Class II and III symptoms
  • No history of dangerous arrhythmia's
  • Not pacemaker dependent
  • Less than class II obesity (BMI
  • No or minimal smoking history (<15 pk years)

**For healthy control subjects**

  • No history of cardiovascular related abnormalities (i.e. Hx of shortness of breath, chest discomfort, abnormal rest or exercise ECG)
  • Non-obese (BMI 20-32)  
  • No or minimal smoking history (<15 pk yrs)


  • Exercise lab in Rochester, MN 
  • Summer 2019

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