**CLOSED** Caregiver for a Young Adult with Depression? Take Part in a Focus Group and Earn $200

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An innovation and design team in a healthcare system is interested in speaking to people acting as caregivers to young adults with depression, either formally or informally. Formal support looks like people in more professional roles while informally means partners, family members, best friends, etc. Researchers will be hosting a group session in the peninsula (likely San Mateo County) on Tuesday, 5/28.

Sessions will be video-taped and photographed to share among internal team members. Please note that some content or sound bites may be shared in a more public forum like presentations in a conference. 

Please note: This session will be hosted in an Airbnb. The goal in doing this is to create a warm, comfortable environment for the group, rather than using a colder, more clinical research space. 


  • Caregiver for young adult with depression


  • In-person
  • Focus group
  • 3 hours
  • Tuesday, 5/28
  • San Francisco

Receive: $200

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