We're looking for feedback on educational materials developed for NSCLC patients and NSCLC survivors. Earn $100 by participating in an in-person interview!

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This gig is looking for people with NSCLC or who have survived NSCLC to participate in a 60-minute interview at our Washington D.C. office.

We are interested in hearing your thoughts and feedback on educational materials we have developed for people with NSCLC. We will provide a $100 gift card plus reimburse you for for your travel expenses.


  • Must be diagnosed NSCLC and in active treatment, or
  • Received treatment in the past for NSCLC
  • Must be able to participate in an in-person interview at our Washington D.C. office


  • In-person material review session
  • 60 minutes
  • Sessions located onsite at Washington D.C.
  • May/June 2019

Receive: $100 gift card + travel reimbursement


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