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The Advocacy Program at Carium is designed to leverage several dimensions of the patient perspective  — sharing, inspiring, and improving the next generation of health tools for health consumers. Through this gig, software developer Carium is looking for six people to work with our team on a one-time, limited basis over the next six months in the following ways:

  • Product Review. At Carium, we think it’s important to develop with patients, not just for them. Test drive our app with a Carium staff member remotely and give us feedback about what you like and how we can improve it. (1 hour)
  • Webinar Presentation/Interview. Participate in a Google Hangout webinar, or in-person office visit in Petaluma, CA, with our team (approximately 35 people). Share your patient journey, help us better understand first-hand perspectives related to health and inspire us to do our jobs better.

The format of the webinar is an informal presentation or chat. We’ll share questions in advance to steer the conversation, such as, “Tell us about you and your health journey,” and, “What has been most difficult about your healthcare experience?” (1 or less hour prep call plus 1-hour webinar)

  • Blog. Let us share your patient journey and perspectives related to health on our blog, along with a photo of yourself, as part of a blog series, “Our Inspiration.” We do the writing based on what we learn from you in the webinar and share the blog for your review before posting (up to an hour). Participants will be asked by Carium to sign a consent to use their stories (subject to their review) in a blog post intended for online publication.

The total time commitment per participant is approximately three hours. We're hoping to speak with people who are diverse in terms of their demographic profiles and health conditions, and we’re looking to work primarily with people managing common conditions that require ongoing maintenance and prevention, as opposed to intensive interaction with their professional care teams.


  • Webcam
  • Access to the Internet


  • From Home or In-Person
  • Intro call, product feedback, webinar, and optional blog review
  • 3 hours

Receive: $300

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