**CLOSED** Boston & Indianapolis Residents: Discuss Opioid Addiction in Remote Interview

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We’re looking to talk to people who are open to sharing their experiences around opioid addiction. Whether you’re living in sobriety, struggling with active addiction or combating reoccurring relapses, are in treatment, are seeking help, or have never sought treatment, we want to hear about the challenges you and others you may know are facing, as well as your stories of hope and perseverance.

+ Who we are: 
We are a part of a company called IDEO (, together with members of the community, we are working to make services and programs more accessible to those who need them, using a uniquely conversational, informal, playful, and collaborative process.

+ Why we’re doing this: 
The work we are doing will ultimately inform a two-year program that will give people access to the support systems they need for effective rehabilitation, and in order to provide that meaningful and informed care, we need to hear from you; your stories, your experiences, your frustrations.

+ Confidentiality: 
These stories are kept in strict confidence, no matter what you say, and you will remain completely anonymous in the process and your contact information will be stored separately from any information you provide about your health and opioid use.

Interviews will take place in person or remotely (phone or video). Compensation for participating in an individual or group conversation will be $100/hr, up to $200. 


  • Living with opioid addiction
  • Webcam/phone access


  • From home
  • Interview
  • 2 hours
  • Indianapolis (Feb 26, 27, and 28), Boston (March 6 and 7)

Receive: Up to $200

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