**CLOSED** Nominate Yourself or Another Member to Become a Consumer Advocate for the FDA!

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or Agency) is  requesting nominations for voting and/or nonvoting consumer representatives to serve on advisory committees and/or panels for which vacancies currently exist or are expected to occur in the near future. Nominees recommended to serve as a voting or nonvoting consumer representative may be self-nominated or may be nominated by a consumer organization.

FDA seeks to include the views of women and men, members of all racial and ethnic groups, and individuals with and without disabilities on its advisory committees and, therefore, encourages nominations of appropriately qualified candidates from these groups.


Persons nominated for membership as consumer representatives on committees or panels should meet the following criteria: 

  • (1) Demonstrate an affiliation with and/or active participation in consumer or community-based organizations, 
  • (2) be able to analyze technical data, 
  • (3) understand research design, 
  • (4) discuss benefits and risks, and 
  • (5) evaluate the safety and efficacy of products under review. The consumer representative should be able to represent the consumer perspective on issues and actions before the advisory committee; serve as a liaison between the committee and interested consumers, associations, coalitions, and consumer organizations; and facilitate dialogue with the advisory committees on scientific issues that affect consumers.


  • In-person
  • FDA Advisory Committee nomination (self or other)
  • Deadline: Dec. 17th, 2018
  • Term length: up to 4 years

Receive: A chance at a position on an FDA Advisory Committee

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