**CLOSED** Two-part Oxygen Therapy Study Involves Research in San Diego, Interview in Los Angeles

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Flagship Research is currently searching for people ages 45-65 that want to take part in an upcoming research study among persons who are on oxygen therapy (Please do not count a nighttime sleep apnea mask as an oxygen device). This study is being held at an offsite location in the San Diego area. This study will be held on Tuesday, November 13th at various times throughout the day. We are also conducting interviews in Los Angeles for people who live there. This study would be conducted on Wednesday, November 14th at various times throughout the day.

Thank you!


  • Aged 45-65
  • Currently on oxygen therapy


  • In person
  • Scientific Research / Interview
  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • San Diego (Nov. 13th) / Los Angeles (Nov. 14th)

Receive: $150

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