**CLOSED** Journalist Request: Were You Forced To Change Biologic Medications?

by member 107

A journalist is looking to talk to people who were forced to switch to the biologic medication their doctor prescribed for non-medical reasons (ex. your health plan/insurance said you had to take a different medication first, etc), or in order to stay on a medicine they were doing well on, they were forced to pay significantly higher co-pay/co-insurance. It could be that your disease was well-controlled by one of the other biologic medications (e.g. Cimzia, Enbrel, Xeljanz, Remicade, etc) or DMARDs, but then your health plan forced you to switch or pay a higher co-pay.


  • Your were forced to try a different medication, either while you were already well-controlled on another biologic medication, or when you were prescribed a different biologic medication


  • From Home
  • Interview

Receive: Press Request: No Compensation

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