**CLOSED** New Mothers Wanted for Mother-Infant Research Study

by member 107

The Family Studies Lab at Cambridge Health Alliance is conducting a research study looking at mother-infant interaction and brain development. We are recruiting mothers with infants 1-6 months old. There will be a total of 4 study visits. Two visits will take place when your baby is 4-6 months old, and two visits will take place when your baby is 12-15 months old. These visits will take place at the Family Studies Lab (Somerville), McLean Hospital (Belmont), Children's Hospital Boston (Waltham or Boston site), and in your home. Includes MRI's for both you and your baby. Reimbursement will be provided for travel. 


  • Mother of newborn (1-6 months old)
  • MRI for mother and baby


  • In-person/from home
  • Boston
  • Scientific research
  • 4 visits over 6 months

Receive: Up to $470

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