**CLOSED** Johns Hopkins Acupressure Study Seeks to Help Chronic Lower Back Pain

by member 107

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is looking for participants who are 65 years or older for a research study to use auricular point acupressure to manage chronic low back pain. Participants will receive auricular point acupressure for back pain. The study is taking place at Wald Community Nursing Center, located on 901 N. Broadway St., Baltimore. You will also need to complete the questionnaire and interview how do you feel about the treatment. There is no cost for you to participate in the study. You will be received free parking if you come to our office, $20 for participating in the study for your time.


  • Aged 65 or older
  • Use auricular point acupressure to manage chronic low back pain


  • In-person
  • Baltimore area
  • Scientific research
  • Time commitment TBD

Receive: $20

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