**CLOSED** Support Patient-Centered Product Development for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance!

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The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) and the Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy have launched the first-of-its-kind “Supporting Wellness” survey of lived experience and research priorities for depression and bipolar. This 19-item (anonymous) survey was carefully crafted with help from a design group comprised of volunteers living with depression and/or bipolar and tested by a group of volunteers, including Savvy members!

Survey results will be used to support patient-centered development of new medical products and care, as well as to influence research funders to support research that reflects the community’s top priorities. The individual viewpoints you express will be just as important as the combined weight of the community’s shared priorities.

Please share the survey link ( freely with friends, family members, and others who share an interest in more and better options for people living with depression and/or bipolar.

Please raise your hand and help us make this survey response as strong as it can be!


  • Individuals living with depression and/or the following symptoms: prolonged sadness, low mood and/or energy, anger, worthlessness, guilt, and/or indecision that interferes (or has interfered) with her/his life and pursuit of interests, relationships, and/or goals.
  • Individuals living bipolar and/or the following symptoms: heightened mood, exaggerated optimism, restlessness, racing thoughts and speech, impulsive behavior, excessive irritability and aggression, and/or decreased need for sleep without fatigue that interferes (or has interfered) with her/his life and pursuit of interests, relationships, and/or goals.
  • Family members, caregivers, loved ones of people living with depression and/or bipolar,
  • Anyone who shares an interest in advancing understanding of and treatments for depression and/or bipolar.


  • Survey
  • 15 — 18 Minutes
  • From Home

Receive: Opportunity to contribute to research and treatment options that align with priorities of those with lived experience

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