**CLOSED** Do You Or A Loved One Live With A Form Of Addiction?

by member 107

Savvy Coop has again partnered with Enspektos to help inform the industry of the patient perspective on various digital health trends for their quarterly report. This time we are tackling addiction, and want to hear your thoughts on the new tools and resources out there. 

As the rate of addiction to opioids, tobacco, mobile, video games and more continues to rise globally, organizations and innovators are looking to digital health solutions to help identify, manage and even cure addiction.

Your answers to the main survey will be anonymous and not linked to your personal information. You'll be asked to provide your information in a separate form first in order to be entered into the raffle, and for us to be able to award our co-op members points for their participation. 


  • You or a loved one live with a form of addiction (examples: alcohol, opioids, gambling, gaming, technology, sex, smoking, etc)


  • From Home
  • Survey
  • 3 minutes
  • Anywhere

Receive: Chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

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