**CLOSED** Wearable Device Testing for Heart Failure

by member 107

Researchers are testing a prototype version of their wearable device designed to record and monitor heart rate data. They are interested in testing its ability to detect and monitor various chronic health conditions. In particular, they are interested in collecting heart rate data from people that have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Participants that are recruited into the study will be asked to come in to their offices located in the San Francisco SOMA neighborhood. The user will be outfitted with one of their prototype watches and will be asked to wear it continuously for a span of 2 days. At the end of your testing session, you will return to their office to drop off the devices and receive your compensation. Both visits should take less than 10 minutes of your time to complete.


  • Diagnosed with congestive heart failure


  • User-testing
  • San Francisco SOMA neighborhood
  • Two in-person visits (less than 10 minutes combined)

Receive: $40 Amazon gift card

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