**CLOSED** Paid Research on Depression, Stress, and the Brain

by member 107

Have you been feeling sad, blue, or down? Have you lost interest in activities you normally enjoy? Mclean Hospital researchers are seeking volunteers to understand the role of hormones and GABA, a molecule in the brain, in stress and emotions. The study includes two sessions. If eligible to participate, you can receive up to $400. During the study you will be interviewed by a psychologist, have an MRI exam, provide blood and saliva samples, play a computer game, and fill out questionnaires.


  • Right-handed 
  • 18-25 years old 
  • No past psychiatric or neurological illness other than depression 
  • Individuals who are currently taking psychotropic medications will not be eligible


  • In-Person
  • Scientific Research
  • Boston, Massachusetts

Receive: $400

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